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"For all the people who read this book may they be forever enlightened. By shining the light on a dark part of our past we have a chance to create a bright new day for aboriginals and all Canadians. We will all know what happened and then come to realize that what happens now and our vision for a future together is what really counts. Together we will stand for what is right and the intention of Indian residential schools and colonization will not happen again!"
With Deep Respect
Dr. Chief Robert Joseph

Mile Post 104


Read the story behind Wawahte. In Mile Post 104 and Beyond, Bob recalls his days growing up in the bush and his early exposure to indigenous culture.

In this heartwarming memoir, Bob Wells recreates his youth during a bygone era in a remote area of Northwestern Ontario. It’s a youth without electricity or central heating; with water carried up from the lake; with outhouses and chamber pots; with storks delivering babies and hard‑working immigrants in a new land. It’s about a family of four rambunctious boys who tease each other and exasperate their parents. It’s about their loving but potty-mouthed father and the mother who is the moral compass for them all. It’s also about learning from his Indigenous neighbours about living with nature, hunting, trapping and fishing. Bob becomes fascinated with the mysteries of nature and Indigenous spirituality...